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Margarita Classique

Mozza cheese over a tomato and basil sauce.

50000 xr


This pizza contains all meats and meat like substances. If it could be meat it is on this pizza.

71800 xr

SQL Sausage

Pulled Pork Sausage blended and injected into the very essence of the pizza. (we also throw some on top for the haters).

61200 xr

Robo Fried Chicken

Fried chicken. What more could you want?

61250 xr

Vegibyte XTREEM

This pizza contains what ever vegetable our chef could catch in the garden. Please phone directly for the catch of the day.

91100 xr


Nothing but DEADBEEF on this pizza and maybe some onions. The flavours are so good your mind will crash!

40000 xr

Hextech BBQ

BBQ southern style. Is that meat, who knows? It was on the BBQ, so it counts.

51860 xr

The dessert option

Dessert isnt really our thing. If you select this option our chef will personally run over to the supermarket and get something that could be considered dessert.

35000 xr