Our Mission

Newtoppingia Pizza was started during the great hatchbox races, from our dedication to provide high quality food for all species; even those with an abnormal amount of shoes.

Despite the unity of the Pazlemorphs we continued this mission uninterrupted right up to the present day (we do not speak of the invasion). With almost a year of experience under our belt we are one of the most sophisticated services in the district and we take that reputation very seriously.

Celebrate your occasion*

Let us help you celebrate your special occasion. If you are looking to celebrate a birthday, baby shower, prison escape or anniversary let us know! We will be happy to personalize your delivery to meet your requirements. From a special message or gift to be placed in the box all the way to a military fly by we will get it done.

*Ricklebytes from sector C-137 are excluded from this offer and MUST refrain from any celebration in order to avoid further incidents; as decreed in treaty 1432-f